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Secure Filing

There is always the fear of security whenever we get online.  Viruses are behind about every click.  Hackers are waiting on the virtual highway ready to hijack us without us even knowing it happened.  So, how can you file your taxes knowing that your tax information is safe?  By using a tax preparer.

When you go online to file your taxes, you are giving your most valuable and protected information out.  You feel like you are giving it to the government who already has that information, but in reality if you do not have a good strong system to protect your data you risk someone else obtaining this information and using to buy everything under the sun and ruin your credit.

There are billions of dollars stolen each year as millions of people have their identity stolen.  Most do not find out until they go to buy a house or have their credit checked.  It comes as a shock to see how much money someone else has racked up in your name and left you with the bill.  What you don’t need is to be the one handing the thieves your own information.

When you file with a tax preparer, you can rest assured that they will be using stronger protection that you use at home to file your taxes.  They will spend the money for more updated programs to keep your personal data personal.  In fact, ask your tax preparer how secure their internet is before using them to process your return.

There are many advantages to using a tax preparer.  Secure filing is just one of them.  Come talk to us about filing your taxes and keeping your information safe and secure.


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