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Education of a Tax Preparer

One of the reasons to use a tax preparer is the amount of education and training that they have.  Most states do not require a tax preparer to have a degree.  But many do require that they take continuing education courses to keep up with all the new laws and to learn what is coming in the upcoming year.

“I can do my taxes myself.”  “Saving money can be done by filing all by my self.”  How much studying have you done on taxes?  Have you taken the courses and seminars that explain the laws or the new forms?  Do you have the time in your busy life to do any of this?  Probably not.  That is why the tax preparer is there to help.

A tax preparer can spend as much as 150 hours a year keeping abreast of the tax laws and how the changes impact their clients.  They know which laws can be overlooked for certain clients and which ones will be used by most.  They spend the money which can be thousands of dollars to make sure that they give their clients quality tax preparation.

Yes, you might spend less by doing the taxes on your own.  But in the end you might be spending more by getting a smaller return than you really should be getting or by making mistakes that cost you in fees and penalties.  Check with a tax preparer and what you spend for filing your tax return will be worth it.


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